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If you are in the process of choosing or have already chosen a new kitchen and you are in the market for the perfect extractor hood, Elica is here to help with solutions and models for any home with user-friendly, smart technologies. Their team of designers are well versed in interpreting the décor of very different living spaces. Whichever hood you select, it will protect people, furniture and walls from cooking odors and fumes, while still blending perfectly with your space and style.

Elica offers an ample range of products to choose from, varying in lines, features, and materials. One of our extractor hoods is already waiting for your kitchen. Together we will find out which one is right for you. In any case, one thing is certain: you will breathe new air. Good air.



Choosing The Right Model

Your Space, Your Style, Your Hood: Find Your Perfect Model



This hood is installed against the wall, depending on the hob model and positioned over the burners, in order to cover the cooking area.


This hood has been thought up to adapt to island kitchen countertops: if the hob is positioned in the center of the room, the hood will be installed on the ceiling above it, directly over the burners.


The ceiling hood is also an important lighting point for the kitchen: it is positioned in the center of the room or against the wall, naturally over the hob, and is installed in the false ceiling.



Especially created for kitchens that are away from the wall, both peninsulas or central islands. The hood is installed directly on the hob countertop, becoming part of the kitchen itself.


This hood is of strong aesthetic impact, which stands out in any space, not only for its extraction, but also as an eclectic element of design: installed on the ceiling above the hob and suspended just like a chandelier.


The hood is perfectly integrated into the hob. Extraction is carried out from below through extractor vents positioned near the burners, which convey fumes and odours down to be expelled within the kitchen body.



What size should the hood be?

Every Elica hood is a great hood. But, what size should the right one for you be? The rules are simple: for the hood to be truly efficient, the model must adapt to the size of the hob.

However, knowing the dimensions isn’t enough: in order for the hood to work its best you must also know at what height it needs to be positioned, and what is the recommended air flow rate for your kitchen space.